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As the term “flaneur foto-art” appears a lot on this Art Blog, it might be obvious that I do love serendipity. Well, I love the phenomenon of it – the word itself (serendipity) is one of the oddest words I have ever known. What alien species made that one up? But ok, I was washing my dishes in the sink today (I do wash them regularly, despite being a male), and saw one of my T-Shirts hanging on the line outside the security-screen window. The rest is obvious. Cropped, and rotated, it took on new meaning. Some of my friends would say I need to get a life. Maybe, but I do enjoy this Life, and my flaneur foto-art.

Footnote: An old story or joke maybe, but I once heard of a Uni student rule about dishes: “When you have to eat your cornflakes from a ladle, it is time to wash up.

DSC01274a auto

Washing Day (almost every day)


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