DSC01391A tradesperson’s paint preparation on a city wall. (Faint) Shades of Nolan’s Ned Kelly. I suspect the ‘trades’ connection at least: legitimate, intentional craft, to prepare the wall for other coats. The beginning of a palimpsest, but some degree of palimpsest already. Un-intentional art, only because I noticed it, and deemed it might be. The backstory? Maybe the tradey slapped it together, with fag in gob, just before knock-off time. Home to the partner, and kids. Art? Shit. You kiddin’ me? I’ll do the top coats tomorrow. 

But what if I have it wrong, and it is actually graffiti? Perhaps then it is: not legitimate (is maybe illegal), intentional art, similarly the beginning of later palimpsest. Context, and how I see it, seems to matter (well, to me at least). Some people would say to me “you need a holiday.” Who cares, I like it.

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