DSC05194Please See my previous post below. Again, stirring up the bottom of my Art Blog, and bringing artworks to the surface. As seems to be the practice of many Blog viewers (including myself when I look at other blogs), they skim a few pages at the top (like this Home page), then that’s it. So I am saving you some bother, people. Click on “previous entries” at the bottom of each page, to see more of my work.

These photographs¬†are¬†from my “Demeter” series of model Olivia, and also part of my on-going theme “In Praise of the Mature Nude.” These pics were exhibited (along with the rest of the “Demeter” series) at the “Just Nudes” exhibition at Diry Linen Artspace (Bundaberg, Australia) in 2014.

DSC05187 - resized for websiteDSC05196a - resized for website


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