DSC02608 Lockyer Valley view - mist


Lockyer Valley view (South-East Queensland, Australia) early morning. Mist in the valley. View from high up – on Mount Mort Road. I like that eerie┬áname, Mount Mort – of death. And the view was from a resort called “Hidden Vale.” Vale means ‘valley.’ But is also used to say ‘farewell’ – in Death. I love a play on words, even if inadvertent. Maybe you could have a look at my novel, “The Silting” – click on the menu above, at top of the page. It deals with word play a lot. And Death. A Contemporary Gothic novel. Written for my PhD. It makes a great door-stop in hardcopy form (if available – and is not, in hardcopy!). But great – Today we can download stuff, and save paper. And not trip over door-stops.

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