The Brag Trade’s “Beached” opening night (Friday just gone, 19th June) – and my last exhibition with the group.

1. DSC03717

Bundaberg’s heritage School of Arts building.




Here’s where it all happened – at The School of Arts building in the main street of Bundaberg. Started 6pm and went until late. There was another event on at the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery also, so we had some people spillage from there.

The Brag Trade is a group of artists who are also volunteers of Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG): hence the name of the group, “Brag Trade.” I will still be a volunteer of the gallery, but am bowing out of Brag Trade, for various reasons – mainly just to move on. I am a foundation member since its inception about 2 years ago, and just feel it has run its course for me. “All things must pass” as Mr. Harrison once said, and that other slightly famous guy Mr Dylan with his (borrowed) “time for everything (turn, turn, turn).”  So for me, it is time to do some new things: more of that in  future posts.

The Brag Trade artists on this night (besides me) are: Gaye Tait; Pamela Fisher; Terri Gwyneth Lewis; Robert McCallister; Necia Rosevear; Jacky Poulter; and Julie Sweeney. Thanks Brag Trade, it has been a good two years or so. Lots of art, lots of coffees; and lots of inspiring good chat. Enjoy.

6. DSC03761

“Rhubarb, rhubarb” – Brag Trade artists Pamela Fisher (orange) & Gaye Tait (right of Pamela), with Don Tait.

7. DSC03767

More Rhubarb. New Brag Trader Robert McCallister (extreme left); and Brag Trader Julie Sweeney (extreme right, with wine).





3. DSC03744

Brag Trader painter Terri Gwyneth Lewis admires the wine stash while Julie Sweeney (Brag Trader textile artist) munches on.


4. DSC03747

One moment in time . . . love this old room at the School of Arts.

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