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Obviously, this arcade is Earls Court. I could have said the one in London, where all the Australian blow-ins hang out, or used to. Does that still happen in London? Not sure. But I couldn’t have fooled anyone. TheĀ  sunshine would have been a dead give-away. A glad-to-be-alive day in Bundaberg, or anywhere in Australia.


“Where’s my coffee?” – My chimp table ID beckons. But I wanted the dinosaur.

1. DSC06998a crop, autoYes, Earls Court. An arcade; yet it bucks the trend of arcades: many seem to have been deserted by DSC07011small businesses. Contrast this to the quietude (and desertification) of Rounds Arcade (search on this site). Rounds Arcade is a beautiful Art Deco-style arcade in Bundy. But so many vacant shops. True, it is at the extremity of the main street. So fewer people walk that way. But, it is worth the walk, just to have a look. I have been back there again, and discovered more of it: to be featured soon on this Art Blog.

PS: I receive no money from businesses for these shots on my blog.





















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