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There it was.

I was at the old Rosedale Hall – about 40 minutes’ drive outside Bundaberg (Australia). There was  an open door at the back of the stage. Out of curiosity, I walked through, and the piano revealed itself. The plastic outdoor chair was there too, exactly as you see it here. Everything just looked right, despite the mix of eras: old piano; modern kitsch plastic chair; modern gyprock wall; and aluminium-frame window.

It just . . . was.

After this shot, I took more pics, with chair removed. But  it didn’t work at all. Funny that. Serendipity, and random placement. Always seems to trump intentional arrangement. I will follow this post up, with more photos of the piano, and its lonely room behind the stage. Even more funny (odd), that I didn’t even hear what it sounded like. I am not a pianist, but I can play a few simple chords. I should have at least made a noise on it. But my mind was on the photography. Not once did it cross my mind that sound was involved: the whole raison d’etre of a piano.

I will do that, next visit (in a few weeks), make some sound, and make a short You Tube film clip of the experience. Not a song. Just some notes played, and a few chords pounded. And I will post the clip on this Art Blog. Now I am dying to hear what it sounds like myself. I have whetted my own appetite for it. But I will be patient. In a few weeks.

I hope the piano will still be there.

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