5. Johnathan's 'bowel imagery'

Illustration for Contemporary Gothic Novel “The Silting” – oil pastels on paper.

Ah, the Abyss. The more this Art Blog rises, the deeper The Abyss gets. So every now and then I put on my snorkel and flippers and dive for vintage loot, and bring it up to the surface. Saves all the squeamish shallow-water people scrolling down too far. I know what that is like. I don’t often scroll down to the bottom of other blogs, myself. So here be a few arty bits that many of you might have seen, and many might have not. (click on images to enlarge).

DSC04107 at Loading Dock cafe West End, Brisbane.

Exhibition at Loading Dock espresso, Brisbane. Behind me: “Tears of i” series (acrylics & mixed media).

DSC07910 crop & auto - Bargara Beach - 28-5-2014

“Bargara Beach” – acrylics – plein air painting.

DSC02720a - Red Nude -Acrylics & Mixed Media 2012

“Miss J.” – acrylic & mixed media on canvas. Model: Miss J, Bundaberg.

Sails - copyright Dennis Mealor 2013 - 8 x 10 - 1.59MB

“Sails” – photo-art – model: Debra.


“Lexie’s Pride & Joy” – oils on acrylic & mixed media

 SkEYE Pilot - copyright D. Mealor 2011

“SkEye Pilot” (sic) – acrylic & mixed media on canvas.

acrylic & mixed media 900mm square

“The Beached Ones” – acrylic & mixed media on canvas 900mm square.


“The Orphan” (1969 – age 17)

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