The Paragon Theatre is at Childers, near Bundaberg (Australia). I have been there a number of times. It is like entering another world. A time warp. We even had a  “P” stamped onto our arms when we entered – instead of a ticket. That takes me back to teenage dances in the 1960s. But the Paragon is older than that, going back to 1927. I won’t go on about its history, as you can easily Google it. DSC09174a crop, autoAnd there is a Website.
I had seen many clips of “Casablanca” during my life, and knew of its various catch phrases (eg. ‘Here’s lookin’ at you kid’ and ‘Play it again, Sam’ – which is not what was said anyway), but had never seen the movie all the way through.

A bit of a physical task for me in those original old deck chairs – what with my lower back and dicky knee – but I survived. And it was a great experience. A good turnout of patrons, and the audience clapped at the end of the film. DSC09192Never heard that for a long time, at a cinema. A great day at the Childers Paragon Theatre was had by all. Give it a try sometime if you live nearby, or are visiting the area.










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