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This is the same room where the aprons live (see a previous post below). Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery’s (BRAG’S) ‘Access Studio’ – the art workshop area. I think it is called the Access Studio, because it is the alternative passage of exit, in case of emergency.

DSC09257a auto onlyI was there last Friday, doing my usual weekly BRAG volunteering. Had to go upstairs and dust down the chairs and tables, for an upcoming art workshop. And then I felt it. Being alone. But a nice, calming aloneness. Memories and nostalgia from classrooms past. Old school rooms as a kid, and the echo of kids’ babbled chatter in my head. You might recommend a psychiatrist, but I had this epiphanic moment that I was the only one in the entire Universe seeing these views. And I was.

I should include all this in some Art-speak wall didactic one day at an exhibition  – but it was such a happy moment, so I took these pics (always carry my little compact Sony camera).  There was nothing to re-arrange. Or contrive. It was all perfect as is. So I just clicked away. No cropping later. Just some auto correction. And I love these pics to bits. They talk to me, but silently. I hope they talk to you. 

See. Maybe I do need that psychiatrist. No, not really. Just another artist with his/her inner monologue working overtime.

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