1. DSC09899a crop, auto x 3 Abbey Road


I walked past this VW Beetle today, parked near the art gallery (Bundaberg, Australia). Then saw the zebra crossing. It all rang a bell. Walked to the other side of the crossing for a photo, but a 4 wheel drive then parked behind the VW. Obscuring my “Abbey Road-ish” view.  The 4WD driver got out, and went into the Post Office. I knew he was in a 10 minute parking zone, so I waited with camera ready. He came back out, but stayed in his car for another 10 minutes or so. Reading a book? I don’t know. I just wanted him to move, dammit, so I could get my photo. Finally, he took off and I took a few pics, just in time before another car parked behind. Then the Beetle drove off. Alas, it didn’t have the number plate “28IF.”  And even worse, no Beatles, only the Beetle. And the crossing. Amazing how iconic that simple Abbey Road cover photo has become, and gets more so, as time goes by. The Web is full of different versions of it. This is mine.

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