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I would have posted this earlier, but as you might know (from an earlier post), all that NBN Internet hassle I had. It is apparently Australia-wide. I won’t dwell on that again. Instead, herewith: The Grigoryan Brothers, fantastiche! It was a week or so ago – Sunday 22nd May 2016 (4pm to 6pm) – in li’l ol’ Maryborough, famous place. In the courtyard of Gatakers Art Gallery. What a great venue, and how intimate it all was. With the mere $35 entry, and my sceptical bent, I had to phone earlier and ask if they were playing for only 10 minutes, ha ha. But no, a good 2 hours, a capacity crowd of about 200, and yes! the bar was open. So it doesn’t get much better than this: Listening to The Grigoryan Brothers in the beautiful heritage setting of Gatakers Art Space, Maryborough. And a few nice reds to boot. I closed my eyes at times, and it was just magic. A standing ovation at the end, and their encore featured their own version of “Blackbird.” Wonderful. Of course, I bought their latest CD “This Time” on exit, and the Lads came out and signed everyone’s copy. A brilliant night indeed. (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE).
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