Natty: adjective (informal)

  • – (of a person or article of clothing) smart and fashionable.
  • – well designed, stylish, clever.


Stumbled onto a different café in Nambour. Not that I have been in this area for long. I found it at 1/2 Queen Street. Quite a humble entrance, but a very nice vibe when you get inside – old newspaper clippings lining the walls; an eclectic mix of retro tables and chairs. And that art on the wall. Some of it was intriguing, especially the piece featured here (top). I met Johnny, the part owner of the place (with his spouse Natasha), and he said that Natasha’s grandfather had painted it, and some others in the café. He is 101 years old.  And evidently still painting. There is still hope for me yet.


Nice piano too. I like old pianos, even though I don’t play them. My partner and I had coffee, tea, and a big piece of pear and ginger cake/muffin. Good coffee btw. The cake was superb, and made by Natasha. It was a nice feeling in there. Friendly. And at “home.” The Husk and Honey. Worth a try if you are in Nambour.

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