This Art Blog is about Art. But I have room to talk of other things. Things that can affect anyone’s art. And can affect anyone’s well-being. Like, the relentless knocking down of trees in this state (Queensland). And the knocking down of trees in this country (Australia). There seems to be an inherited penchant to bulldoze, poison, or rip out trees. It is some sort of disease. I find it very soul-destroying. Others feel the same way. Hence, my reference to its affect on Art.

Caloundra markets: last week, and we are enjoying the beautiful shade of a row of Moreton Bay figs, lining Bulcock Street. It was 30 degrees C in the shade and very humid. One section of Bulcock Street had virtually no shade. But the next section was shaded, beautifully. I remarked to one of the market stall owners how nice it was. “Yes, but we are losing these trees soon. The Sunshine Coast Council is ripping them up because they are affecting water pipes.” Always some pathetic excuse they find, to rip up trees.

Without the shade, the market is dead. I would not bother again, when the trees go. Apart from the cooling shade, it is the aesthetics of it all. I wonder if the Councillors (or the Mayor) has even bothered to spend a morning at the Caloundra Markets? Whatever, seems like they don’t care. Another lady stall owner was livid about the removal of a giant fig near her regular stall. I asked if she had protested about it. But she replied “Why would I waste my breath?” – adding that the Council is a law unto itself. The beautiful Sunshine Coast. It is headed the way of the concrete jungle. Big money. Concrete. Ugliness. And it will breed more social ugliness in years to come, as a result. Time to get some Standing Rock energy, and say NO. people have had enough of being told by a few corporate-connected government cronies, what they have to accept as the Norm. It is not the norm. Trees are the Norm, not concrete deserts. The scrawny lilly-pillies planted to replace them, will never provide the wide and deep shade of these old beauties  (click on images to enlarge). Concrete jungles by stealth. It is the new way they do things, and it is succeeding. I fear that the worm must turn before it is too late. This is my token worm-turning. I hope everyone can contribute and say something. Make a phone call to Council. Or whatever. Every little bit helps.

Beautiful Shade Trees soon to go.

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