Was great to receive a phone call out of the blue from a lady who just bought my painting here, “Isthmus.” We had a nice little chat. A good end to the year, (Friday just gone). I never get apathetic to the feeling that comes when someone buys one of my works. It never ceases to be flattering that someone parts with their hard-earned money for something I have created. Essentially, just a piece of backed canvas with paint daubed over it. What a sweet feeling.

The painting was exhibited  at the Kunara Organic CafĂ© in Forest Glen (near Buderim, Australia). I am beginning to lose count of the number of this series that I have sold. The last one I sold was to a (Yorkshire) tradesman who was doing some minor renovations on my house. The great thing is, I never tire at doing this theme. If it were merely for money, I wouldn’t bother. So nice when something we love doing, is also saleable. I think the price is right too, which helps ($145 – size 45cm square). An artist’s dilemma: it is a fine line between being too expensive and pricing oneself out of the  market; and being too cheap and appearing desperate. Well, most artists are desperate. But no point advertising the fact (too late, I just did).

All paintings in this ‘River and Sea’ series are similar – but different – if that makes sense. But I only ever paint one at a time, and when the Muse hits me again. Whoever she is. I am not into conveyor-belt painting. To me, the paintings in this series are my internal eco-escape. They represent a place that I would like to be, in my mind. That said, the first one I painted was inspired by a visit to Mon Repos beach, near Bundaberg. The beach is well worth a Google, as it is where the famous Bundaberg aviator Bert Hinkler practised his flying craft. It also has the largest turtle rookery in the Southern hemisphere. Perhaps book in to the Mon repos Turtle research station, and see the turtles lay their eggs; or  the hatchlings leaving their sandy nests to head down to the sea. Now, that is certainly a great experience.

At Mon Repos, there is a winding creek that flows near to the beach – an obvious influence on my paintings. I had been there many times before, but on one occasion, I had a sort of epiphany. It was as though I had just arrived at a place I wanted to be in my head. The feeling has continued, and now seems to overflow onto my River and Sea paintings.

Left: Mon repos Beach – Panoramic View.

Please click on image – I think it will be worth it.

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