From out of the art galleries, into the cafes. I think cafes will be the future of art.  Utilitarian, instead of dead and museum-like.  Herewith, another painting in my River  and Sea series.  $145 retail. This one is “Turtle Sands” (50cm x 45cm) – acrylics  & mixed media on canvas.

The café is The Magic Lotus at Forest Glen (near Buderim, Australia). A nice little spot for a coffee, organic food and very friendly service (no, I don’t get paid for saying all this). Forest Glen? Just exit the Bruce Highway via Exit 200, and the café is almost just there on the left (along with many other amazing shops) – no more than 400m from the highway exit ramp. Bon appetite! Oh yes, and you could maybe consider buying my painting, so I can indulge in some coffees myself. Cheers.

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