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My partner and friend’s fashion venture.

I was doing a photo-shoot  for them. Of the mannequin wearing the garments. This wasn’t a part of it – just a side shot for my own selfish use.  The photo you have when you are not having a photo. 

Here was the cane lounge, with accessories strewn across one end.  Just somewhere to put things, while they prepared  the mannequin for the next outfit to photograph. Her name is Fanny, by the way. Yes, that is Fanny’s head, waiting to be attached.

This array of bric-a-brac is the result  of “The In Between” –  created by the two ladies making changes to the mannequin and garments. Stuff was just put down with no thought, as they worked at their trade. 

But no-one could ever arrange it any better than this if they tried. Serendipitous Chaos. Perfect.


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