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I’LL TRY TO EXPLAIN IT. I was on one of my morning walks when a large council truck backed out of a driveway, over this little patch of sand. I had to wait until the truck was out of the way, before I could resume my walk. It was only on my return trip that I noticed this sandy rectangular prism. But I took  this shot a few days later. So the tyre marks were  basically gone. But I know what happened, as I was there at the time.

The formation seems to be the result of the truck’s two adjacent wheels squeezing the sand upwards between them, as they rolled across. An almost perfect rectangular prism was created. Superb, I thought. An example of truck art? (I have seen weirder artist’s statements than that, in art galleries).  Or maybe just physics at play. I don’t think the truck driver would have been interested. You have to be a nerdy artist for that.


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