ABOUT TWO YEARS AGO my partner and I saw them for the first time. So we couldn’t miss this return performance on the weekend (Sunday 29-4-18). Again, it was set in the quaint  courtyard at Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough Queensland. Full house: About 200 people in all, so it was a wonderful, intimate vibe.

Yes, once again, it was magic. This time they featured songs from their new CD “Songs Without Words.” I still found it unbelievable: that the world-class Grigoryan Brothers were there, in l’il ol’ Maryborough, and in such a small, intimate venue. They must love their work, and it certainly shows.

It doesn’t get much better than this, ever. A seat under the stars (and bright, rising moon); a nice glass of Merlot from the art gallery wine bar; and the beautiful music of the Grigoryans coming at you, crystal clear. As per last time, their stage banter was precious also. They gave us all some good laughs, as well as delivered their great music impeccably and sensitively. 

I would call these photos “snapshots,” taken from my seat. Too much into the music to ponce about and try to get some serious shots for this art blog. Didn’t want to miss a single note (or annoy the punters). Please come back again, fellas. Beautiful indeed.

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