I am posting a few of my past art events, as this blog was not in existence at the time. This interview was with Trudie Leigo, Exhibitions Officer of Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) – ┬áJust prior to my “Fragments of Vision” exhibition at BRAG in 2011. The exhibition was on the theme of my then recent eye trauma (optic nerve damage in both eyes). Doing these art works was a cathartic experience. In 2009, at the time of my eye trauma, I did not think I would ever see again, let alone paint. I have 10% vision left in each eye, essentially a type of “tunnel vision.” Fortunately it is stable, and I love what I can still see. I love my sight. I love my life. Art has kept me sane, and helped get me through. I will post Part 2 of this another time. Part 1 here is about 12 minutes duration.

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