Wed 23rd July 2014.

The Brag Trade art group headed to Bargara beach this morning to paint in the outdoors. This has been our usual trick once a fortnight for some months. Members who could make it today were: Gaye Tait, Terri Lewis, Julie Sweeney, and me. Pamela Fisher also turned up – but her usual art stuff is photography, and she just had a chat with us all. Was good to see her again after a month break we have all had. Not much painting got done today, but lots of chat and coffees from the nearby cafĂ© on the esplanade. Surprisingly, I did the most painting this time. I am usually the procrastinator – but at least I got a small piece almost finished, “Tight Fit” – Bargara esplanade scene. Decided to paint the human aspects for a change – instead of the beach. And for art therapy reasons (for my sanity), kept it nice n rough! A photographer (Mike) from the News Mail turned up and took some pics of us for the paper. Sweet.




The Brag Trade (minus me with camera) – L to R: Gaye, Julie, Terri, Pamela.


Terri Lewis – trying to work on her “ugly budgie” while chatting. Well, she’s got the leaves done – now contemplating that budgie to throw in there. She does brilliant abstracts. But budgies today :). I would call it the Invisible Budgie so far.



Gaye Tait – with the Bargara esplanade behind – stressing about assignments for her Art Degree no doubt!


Me in totally natural candid pose – getting stuck into “Tight Fit” painting. For once, I am getting more done than the others. They have lots of chat to catch up on, after a month break. But I keep working after 2 coffees.

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