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This art piece by well-known Bundaberg artist Carmen Maybanks takes me back to my debut as a Life Model at Bundaberg’s TAFE College in 2014. It was for an art course, and I did a stint as a model for a semester there. Carmen was one of the life drawing students at the time, and asked if she could take some rear pics of me, to do a pottery piece. I was fine with it, and it was good to also get a series of photos of the event for posterity (yes, there is a possible pun there). Please search “Art Bungie Jumping” on this site, for my views on Life Modelling. It was one of the best things I have ever done. 


Carmen came into the Bundaberg Regional Art gallery (BRAG) some years later, and I was a volunteer on reception at the time. I asked her if she still had the tray of my bottom, and yes, she did. So I bought it for my partner Gaye, as a pressie. How narcissistic is that? Later, I moved in with Gaye, and suddenly was proud owner as well, of my posterior et al. It takes pride of place in our lounge room, and is a great conversation starter. It could be used for fruit. But it is too good for fruit. So it stands in the book case on its own metal stand. Thank you Carmen!


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