The Perfection of Chaos – flaneur foto-art – copyright Dennis Mealor 2017

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My partner and friend’s fashion venture.

I was doing a photo-shoot  for them. Of the mannequin wearing the garments. This wasn’t a part of it – just a side shot for my own selfish use.  The photo you have when you are not having a photo. 

Here was the cane lounge, with accessories strewn across one end.  Just somewhere to put things, while they prepared  the mannequin for the next outfit to photograph. Her name is Fanny, by the way. Yes, that is Fanny’s head, waiting to be attached.

This array of bric-a-brac is the result  of “The In Between” –  created by the two ladies making changes to the mannequin and garments. Stuff was just put down with no thought, as they worked at their trade. 

But no-one could ever arrange it any better than this if they tried. Serendipitous Chaos. Perfect.



Forest Glen – “You don’t know what you’ve got . . .

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. . . ‘Til it’s gone.”


THE BEAUTY of Forest Glen, Sunshine Coast (Q. Australia).  I sat on our front porch this morning, with mist amongst the rainforest trees ahead.

Then I noticed the vapour transpiring from the foliage. A secret life of plants, that goes on almost without being seen. This is what living in Forest Glen is all about.

But there is a sinister side to it. The whole Sunshine Coast is under attack by unscrupulous developers. Having only been here a year, my partner and I are shocked at the Rainforest destruction that is going on around us, nearby. A $90 million townhouse development for example, about to be carved into the pristine forest – only 200 metres from us: A development to house some 800 residents.

It is understandable  for people to want to live here. A beautiful area. But I don’t see the point of essentially destroying the reason to come here. This must stop, before it is too late (how many times have I heard that said in the past). The developers don’t even utilise the existing forest to design around. It is a scorched earth policy it would seem. Architects like a blank canvas to work with. Knock down every tree and start from scratch. Beautiful rainforest trees and native palms will be sacrificed in the process. Not to mention the many eco-systems of animals and other plants living amongst it. Nothing left standing. So they can put in their teeny little bushes later, when the houses are shoved in. Then they call it something like “Nature Edge” or similar. But it becomes more of a Concrete Edge. I was against such environmental destruction way back in my teens. I can’t believe I am still saying something about it today, some 50 years later. Society  has learned nothing. Regional Councils have learned nothing. To Big Business and local Councils, $Money is worth more than rainforest.

Click for Panoramic View – it is well worth the click

Herewith, two “Before” and “After” photos, taken only 400 metres away, last year. Once, beautiful forest.

Then the same area, bulldozed and about to be mulched (below).


But if you are out there and you care, please don’t give up. Say something when you can. Say it to Sunshine Coast Council whenever you go into one of their offices.  Say something on talkback radio. Say something on Social Media. Every comment helps, even in passing. Even in general conversation.

This is my humble contribution. Please pass it on (i.e. Share the link). Thank you.


“Vase Through a Screen Door” (revisited) – photo-art – copyright Dennis Mealor

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This is one of my favourite photos – from my recent archives. I was sitting on the sofa in the lounge, and saw this view of the front porch, through the screen door. It was late afternoon, with sun streaming in.

I found my camera, and captured this shot. No Photoshop here. Just that mesh getting in the way. In a good way.

(copyright Dennis Mealor 2016)






“HMAS Mop” – (archive) – photo-art – copyright Dennis Mealor










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Not Whistler’s Mother (archive) – photo-art – copyright Dennis Mealor.








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“Poinsettia” – photo-art – copyright Dennis Mealor – model, Leona

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Leona. She does life modelling at the Sunshine Coast (Q. Australia), which is how I met her for this photo, at my weekly life drawing group. Well, not just one photo.  An afternoon photo-shoot last week.

This was the first female shoot I have done for well over a year, since moving down here to the Sunny Coast, from Bundaberg. Was good to get back into it.


As much as I love it, painting can be intense, and isolating. Life Drawing can also be intense: working to that timer.

But I find “Life Photography” as I call it, the most rewarding and relaxing. Leona was also great to work with. Professional, but easy going at the same time, which makes for even more calm and relaxation for me (but with a strong undercurrent of getting the work done, if that makes sense).

I will be posting more of Leona soon, so please watch this space.


River & Sea No 1 – copyright Dennis Mealor 2017

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Out of the archives . . . my first painting in the “River & Sea” series of about six (all different, but similar theme). I sold them all ($145 Australian each – about 50cm x 40 cm – acrylic & mixed media on canvas), but I think this one is my fave. Can’t beat The First Time, I guess.


“Reclining Nude 2” – copyright Dennis Mealor 2017 – based on model, Fran

Oil Pastels & Pencil on A3 paper.


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“Reclining Nude” – copyright Dennis Mealor 2017 – model, Fran

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This was at my regular Life Drawing group near Buderim (Q. Australia), yesterday. A lovely curvy model, Fran, stole the show. Not only was she great to draw, but also great with the rapport and banter between model and artists. We all had a ball. Some life drawers like total quiet, I know (This is serious, mum). But not me. Some life classes you can hear a pin drop (and pencils scraping, over the sound of breathing).  A life class shouldn’t be like entering a funeral parlour, in my books. A celebration of the human form. So why not also a celebration of Life(Drawing)? Oil pastels & pencil on A3 paper.